The GeoPark Ruhrgebiet can be cross walked on the "GeoRoute Ruhr", a trail with a length of 185 km in the southern part of the GeoPark area. In the northern part of the area bicycle riders may cross-ride the GeoPark on the "GeoRoute Lippe", that has a length of 300 km. Besides, there are several local trails, where geology and mining history are communicated. "The Tour de Thermie" includes ten examples for the use of geothermal energy, that are spreaded all over the GeoPark area. The "Industrial Heritage Trail" of the Ruhr Regional Association connects industrial monuments. Many of them are related to mining history.

All geotrails are marked and described on the GeoPark Ruhrgebiet interactive map.

GeoRoute Ruhr (german)

Hiking on the GeoRoute Ruhr

GeoRoute Lippe (german)

Cycling on the GeoRoute Lippe

Local trails (german)

Mining history trail in the "Muttental" in Witten

Tour de Thermie (german)

Geothermal energy